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1000% Custom

That’s right, everything we make is 1000% custom and is carefully curated with our vast design experience. We fabricate products with our state-of-the-art tools and resources to bring you the best custom products coming out of Pittsburgh, PA. 

Our custom ordering process is Proof-to-Purchase™. A digital rendering will be provided so you can see and approve it before you make a purchase. Our goal is to set and exceed your expectations.

Custom Corn Hole Set for a 50th Wedding Anniversary

About Us

Located north of Pittsburgh, PA, is a small wood design studio with inner workings of power tools and design software to make uniquely customizable gifts for any occasion. We make custom-made cutting boards, uniquely-designed sign decor, bottle openers, illustrative stickers, and custom sign decor.  

Past & Future Events

We've been busy buzzing around at local markets, fairs, and fleas. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook to find out when and where our next show will be.

Cutting Boards

Our Boards are 1000% custom-made with hand-selected, locally sourced hardwood.

Coaster Bottle Openers

Our “Almost Famous” Coaster Bottle Openers are made from the same hardwood as the cutting boards. So cut your limes, open your bottle, drink, and let it rest.

Wall-Mounted Bottle Openers

Select one of the custom sayings or create your own; these wall-mounted bottle openers make a great gift and deliver a good laugh. 

Easy Grip Bottle Openers

No more rigid and hard-to-use bottle openers. These fit right in your hand able to wrap your fingers and get a good grip to pop that cap right off with ease. 

Cutting Board Making Process is simple.

I hand-select and carefully source wood locally throughout the Pittsburgh region. Once the wood is in my shop, I plane the surfaces and join the edges to an excellent finish. Once all the wood is cut down into strips, I dry-fit the design with multiple wood species until I am satisfied with the look. After that, I glue it up and clamp it overnight. I ran the boards through the planer the next day to remove the dried excess glue. And it’s a matter of finishing them by adding a juice groove, sanding them up through high grit sandpaper, and adding the oil finish and rubber feet.