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Here's a photo of Nathan Gregg, owner and and sole designer of Design Maker 21

About the Artist / Maker

Raised in a small town in northwest Pennsylvania, moved to Pittsburgh in 2003. Since then, Nathan Gregg (Owner and sole designer at Design Maker 21) earned his Bachelor of Science Degree in Graphic Design and led a 16-year career in design until he found a passion for woodworking. If not for the 2020 pandemic, he would not be the woodworker he is today. Nathan wanted a hobby and quickly transitioned it into a woodworking business. 

Nathan still works full-time for a local Pittsburgh company. He spends a little free time inside his woodworking shop creating extravagant pieces that he will sell on the weekends at various vendor shows. 

Nathan is also a loving husband to his wife, Meri, and a caring father of two sons, Simon and Adam. 

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